Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Style| Gig Inspiration - What We Wore to McBusted

A little bit of a different post today and something I've never done before - I got my housemates to show off what they wore to McBusted! I thought it'd be a fun way to show off my amazing housemates and also a a great "What To Wear To A Gig" type post as a lot of people do struggle with outfit planning at events like these.  As McBusted was at Manchester Phones4U and we were seated, it allowed us to get a little more dressed up that normal. This post is deliberately cheesy and "teen fashion mag" style because I thought it would be funny to do that! I've also linked all their twitter accounts so please show some love and follow them. 

Hannah wears her gorgeous floral playsuit which is classy but comfy at the same time.

Amy wears her McFly shirt to show her love for McFly with a  highwaist skirt and cool leather jacket!

Jennie, very excited to see McBusted, wears a lovely lace crop top and floral skirt with comfy converse which are always a good choice for gigs! 

Lauren goes for a smart shirt and amazing white denim jacket and a cute shorts and tights combo!

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