Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Vintage C&A Dress - Lou Lou's Vintage Fair

I bought this gorgeous floral C&A dress from Lou Lou's Vintage Fair in Hull a few Saturday's ago for just £5! I'm thinking it would be great for a summer/spring day dress as it's pretty light weight and so colourful. Unfortunately it has a few stains (as the pictures show) on it that I didn't notice in the dim lights of Hull City Hall, however I'm sure they can be removed.Overall I love it and hope to wear it a lot over spring and summer, once I remove those stains! 

Unfortunate stainage! 

Sorry for the lack of posts on here the past week, I have been in Austria/Germany over the weekend. 



  1. I love it Courtney! It really suits you too - something about it just pops with your hair colour! It looks like it's got a nice texture in the fabric.

    I kinda miss C&A - is that sad? And it shows my age! ;)

    Faith x
    Music and Eyeliner

  2. That looks lovely on you! Really goes well with your shade of hair colour :0)
    Give it a wash in the machine like normal and see if the stains come out - usually all my vintage goodies have come out clean!



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