Thursday, 17 April 2014

5 Simple Ways to "Make Yourself Happy"

I was inspired by Helen Melonlady and her video on How to be Happy to make this post. She's always so happy and it's really inspiring to see. I've used my own personal experience and some things that have worked for other people I know. 

1. Surround yourself with things that make you happy. 
Seeing friends and family and people who care about you can definitely boost your mood and discussing your problems with them can really make you see things clearer and from a different perspective. 

I'm lucky enough to live with people who instantly make me happy but if your not in this situation another great way to bring positivity to you is to surround yourself with objects that make you feel happy. Candles, flowers and any thing else that is visually appealing can help relax you and help you think rationally about your problems. Looking through old photos of happy memories can trigger nostalgia and boost your mood too. 

Music is another great way of boosting your mood, however just be careful when putting your iPod on shuffle as that really emotional song about being forever alone could come on and destroy your mood (take this advice from experience). You could compile a "happy playlist" to avoid such incidents.
2. Take your mind off of it by doing something else
You can physically take your mind off things by doing something else, especially something productive. Cleaning out my room always helps me for example (I am the most untidiest person so there's always cleaning to be done). You could go for a walk, go to the gym or just go and have a chat with your nan over a cuppa. Cooking or baking or doing something creative can take your mind off things and give you a sense of achievement. 

3. Talk about it
This has already been half covered but I think it needs to be stressed that if you have problems, talking about them always helps. Talking to different people and getting different perspectives on your problems always helps you come to a sensible conclusion, for instance what your best friend may advise or what your nan might advice may be completely different but finding a happy medium could be a great solution to your problems. 

4. Empower yourself
This point is going to sound really cringey but if you tell yourself you're going to fail then chances are you will. Keep a positive outlook and tell yourself that you CAN achieve your goals or get through the current situation you're in. 

I find that piling on heaps of makeup or doing my hair makes me feel a lot better. This sounds fickle but if it works then I really don't mind. This also fits in with doing something creative to take your mind of things which I mentioned above.

5. What not to do 
From experience I can tell you not to sit around all day on your own, doing nothing, over thinking things and worrying - and if you find yourself sat alone at night do not open that bottle of Pinot Grigio, save it and plan an evening in with your friends and drink it then. And if all else fails you can look at cute pictures of cats. 

 If there's anything you feel that I've missed or anything else that works for you please comment below!

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  1. What a lovely post :) I know it's cliche, but I think some people should count their blessings in life and be grateful they have good health, a roof over their heads and a fridge full of food. There are millions without this.

    Danniella x


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