Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Beamish Museum: Quick review and photos

I recently visited the Beamish Museum with my parents and boyfriend and so I thought I'd share the experience! Being a History Student and lover of history I would obviously have a biased (should not say that word as a historian but oh well) and more positive opinion on history museums that the average person. However Beamish is a lot different from the normal, dull, information-overload types you get around Britain. 

Beamish is an open-air museum that practices "living history". You can walk around the early 1900's Pit Village, the Edwardian town, the 1940's farm and much much more. In addition there is also trams, buses and trains to get you from one attraction to the next! The staff are all in costume and it's just a really great experience!

My favourite was either the 1940's house and farm (I was taking inspiration for my future house, much to my boyfriends dismay) or the Edwardian town as the Co-op was a really great. I'd recommend this museum to everyone, it's truly an amazing experience and I'd go again for sure! 

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