Tuesday, 11 March 2014

York Castle Museum

Pictures from my recent visit to York Castle Museum in York. I really love York Castle Museum, it gives a real "feel" of the past as you literally look into the windows of old shops and living rooms. It's really great for those who love history as well as those who have had no previous interest, children can learn a lot and your grandparents can have a great day telling you about "the olden days". 

My boyfriend and I were a bit scared when I saw the bedroom full of toys we had as children - he's 21 and I'm 18 and we're both not quite ready to be in a museum yet thank you very much York Castle! 

Victorian Street

Victorian Street: Candle Stick Maker

Victorian Street: Washing 

Victorian Street: Pharmacy Advertising

Victorian Street: Pharmacy

Victorian Street: Pharmacy

Victorian Street: Horse and Cart

Victorian Street: Toy Shop

Victorian Street: Grocery Shop

Victorian Street: Cadbury's

Victorian Street: Advertisement 

Victorian Street: Advertisement 

Period Rooms: 1980s Kitchen
Wedding Dress: 1940s
Wedding Dress: 1870s
Sunday Dress 1800s

Period Rooms: 1940s Kitchen
Period Rooms
Period Rooms: Victorian Parlour

Sixties Exhibition 

Sixties: Music

Sixties: Makeup: Lashes

Sixties: Fashion

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