Saturday, 15 March 2014

DIY | Eyebrow brush

I've noticed that a lot of brands are selling "Eyebrow Brushes" and I truly believe this is utter bollocks and something you can actually get for free!

To name a few:

Tweezerman for Benefit's Brow shaping Brush - £9.50
Real Techniques Your Eyes/Enhanced Lash-Brow Groomer - £5.94
Laura Mercier Brow Grooming Brush - £10.50 

I'd much rather not pay £10 to groom my eyebrows thanks I'd rather spend it on 2 bottles of Pinot Grigio. However I can still have "well groomed" eyebrows for free!

I'm presuming if you are reading this post you are into makeup and therefore will own mascara? If yes then you too can groom your eyebrows for free (shock horror!) 

Step 1: Find that disgustingly old mascara that's been lingering in the bottom of your makeup bag 

Step 2: Open the mascara, keep the brush part and chuck the other bit! 

Step 2: Clean majority of the mascara off with a makeup wipe first

Step 3: Get some shampoo or makeup remover and begin to remove all the mascara off the brush - this is important if you don't want black eyebrows!

Step 4: Leave to dry and then check that all the mascara is removed before using

Step 5: Groom your eyebrows without paying ridiculous amounts of money! 

Tip: you can also use this for filling in your eyebrows lightly - dip the brush into some eyeshadow (v. lightly) and comb the product into the hairs! 

This process took me a matter of minutes and it didn't cost me anything - (apart from for the mascara obviously)

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