Thursday, 9 August 2012

Retro inspired + vintage dress haul

 I said in my last post that I would do a dress "haul". These are the dresses I have bought over the past 2 months.

Black Flamingo Print Dress - £10 - Primark

 I actually saw this first on tumblr as a girl that I follow bought it! I have one similar from last year where the flamingos are different and more brightly coloured. I also like this for the elasticated waist!

Vintage Dress - £15 on sale - Ego
 This is definately my favourite out of the 3. I bought this on sale in a little vintage shop in Lincoln called Ego. I'm not entirely sure if this is actually vintage becauae the shop also sells new clothes, however the buttons on the back did need a little mending which makes me think it is second hand. I really do adore this as its floaty and flatering and unusual.

Black Dress - £9 on sale - New Look
I also got this one on sale and this is the dress I spoke about in my last post saying that it would go with these shoes nicely.

Is it just me who has an addiction to buying dresses?

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