Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Birthday Wish(ful thinking) List!

It's my birthday soon so I thought I'd make a wish list. Mainly these are things that I am planning on buying myself when I next get paid as a "treat" because I wouldn't expect anyone to actually spend this amount of money on me :)

 1. Blonde Human Hair Extensions - eBay - price varies (I'm going to dye them of course)
2. VIXON Flatform Creepers - ASOS - £35
3. Disco Pants - American Apparel - £70
4. MAC lipstick in Diva - £13.50

I am busy the next few days but I am planning on doing a red lipstick review/comparison with a drugstore, high end and also one from my local market. 

Also I'm going shopping in Nottingham with Lizzy on Friday which is oh so exciting!

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