Monday, 6 August 2012

Nottingham shopping!

I have accumulated quite a few new things during my absence from blogging so I decided to do them in 3 seperate blog posts: Nottingham (my most recent shopping trip with my best friend) Dresses and Jewellery. 

As the title suggests today's post is about Nottingham!

Black Suede Wedge Boot - £16 - Select
 I bought these primarily to go with a certain dress that I have bough recently, but you'll have to wait for a few days until I post about that ;)

Black and White Skull Cardigan - Magenta - £10

Yellow "Cat Eye" Sunglasses - £1 - Primark
 I am planning on copying Lizzy's idea and painting them black or maybe red depending on how I feel. Mwahaha.

Pro Longwear Foundation - MAC - £24
 I bought this first and that's the reason I didn't spend oodles on clothes haha. :)

Whilst in Nottingham, I took the oppurtunity to try on the American Apparel Disco Pants that I have featured in my two most recent "wishlists". I was actually supprised they fitted me, especially in the sweaty hot humid changing room! I am planning on buying them online when I get paid, in time for my birthday :)

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