Monday, 4 January 2016

DIY Bedtime in a Bag

There's nothing better than finishing Uni work for the evening and making time for a little relaxation before turning the lights off! Making time to plan for tomorrow, moisturise and have a catch up on social media makes me feel organised and ready to take on the next day, however I sometimes lack the motivation or energy to do any of these things. That's until I thought up this cute idea...

I recently acquired quite a few pairs of Boux Avenue 'PJs in a Bag' (Thanks Aaron!) - gorgeous brushed cotton PJs that come in a matching button up pouch! I thought I would use the bag to make a little 'Bedtime in a Bag' pack. 

You could make this as everyday or as luxury as you like. The one I have made for now is mainly my essentials. I included my planner/journal, some beauty essentials like facewipes, foot/hand cream along with any medication I need to take. By adding a candle or a face mask you could save this little hamper for a Sunday night treat or even come up with your own idea - I think a hangover pack could be brilliant!

I actually did a post about a DIY "Pick-Me-Up Box" that may also give you ideas on what you could include in your bedtime bag! 

Wearing matching PJs to your 'Bedtime in a Bag' makes it feel like your own girly sleepover. You obviously don't have to use the Boux Avenue PJs (they aren't cheap and this isn't a sponsored post by the way!) - you could use a makeup bag or even make your own out of some awesome patterned fabric and a few buttons! I feel this could actually be a great sleepover idea but I am 20 and live with 4 of my best friends anyway so its a PJ party all day everyday!

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