Monday, 9 November 2015

7 ways to create a vintage inspired bedroom

I currently live in a student house so my options are limited when putting my own stamp on things. Don't get me wrong I would love my bedroom to be like a time capsule from the 1950s but this is neither practical or affordable. In this post are some of the little vintage touches I've added to my bedroom, hopefully you'll be able to get inspiration for your own room or another room in your house! 

1) Stick to a colour scheme

I don't really have a set 'era' but my obvious favourites are the 40s and 50s. I opted for a pale, pastel colour scheme to fit in with this and to also make my room seem bigger. If you were going for more of a 60s look you could certainly opt for a more brighter colour palette. 

2) The bed.

I would give this advice to anyone who was looking to improve their bedroom. The bed usually takes up the most space in the room and therefore needs to fit with your 'theme' for it to work. I actually have this Pin Up Girl print bedding from Asda (they have several versions) along with a Flamingo Print set from Tesco however if you wanted to opt for something more subtle polka dots and florals work best. Supermarkets have really upped their game for this sort of thing - Asda has a pin up girl range and Primark is also fab if you're on a budget!

3) Creative storage.

Storage is probably my second favourite thing after bedding - yes I am 20 going on 40! I have so many cute storage boxes that I've collected that are so handy when  you have a limited amount of space. I love being creative with storage and thinking outside the box if you excuse the pun. I found a spice rack in a charity shop and use it to display my favourite makeup on and I use a teapot to keep my earrings safe. 

Jars are a really cute touch to any vintage inspired room and also dirt cheap if not free! They are very 'in trend' it seems which means they can be expensive on the high street but I've found a few in charity shops for no more that £2 and also use old pasta sauce and jam jars. I got my mum to collect me her Dolmio jars for me and then spray painted them pink to fit in with my room - which brings me on to my next point....

4) Do it yourself! 

Spray paint was literally my lifesaver when planning my room. I collected jars and eat other bits and pieces and spray painted them all to match, and the great thing is I can spray them all a different colour when I get bored. I attached ribbons to these wire frames and use them for storing jewellery and important things that would otherwise get lost in my purse! 

5) Subtle decorations.

Sass and Belle kindly sent me some gorgeous home wear and decorations that add a really nice touch to my vintage inspired room. They sell loads of 'hangy things', floral garlands and bunting that really do make all the difference to your walls! I actually did a whole post dedicated to Sass and Belle a few months back!

6) Lighting.

A cute lamp is always a great way of adding a retro touch! This one is actually my friends Grandad's old lamp (thank you again!) and I think I could class this as vintage right? Loads of vintage and charity shops sell gorgeous lamps, I love the 'boudoir style' ones with the tassels - just be careful that they are safe to use as electrics have changed a lot and I don't want you to burn to death for the sake of style - haha! 

7) Memorabilia.

If you're a bit of a history nerd like me then you'll love this tip - if not, please don't judge. I collect postcards, posters and other bits from museums and stick them on my walls! There are so many creative things you could do with them such as cover up a wall or a surface; I would love to create some box shelves and put postcards as the backing but I've not got round to this yet! 
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