Wednesday, 26 February 2014

How to cope with the UCAS process!

So it’s probably been just over a month since you sent that all-important UCAS application off. You may or may not have had replies from the Universities, or even offers if you’re lucky! I know I spent the whole process completely working myself up about it so I thought I’d share my experience and how I (kind of) coped and how you can cope too throughout this year.

Believe in yourself (even though I didn’t)

I know I spent every day until results day not believing that I would actually be accepted and go. I would avoid conversations about University and would feel sick if anyone mentioned it to me. I wish now I had just told the truth and told someone – I clearly wasn’t coping with it all, sixth-form went lightning fast, I was struggling in Biology and German and was generally having a bad time. 
Luckily I had great teachers who worked long hours with me and I managed to get through. One of my teachers kept telling me that I will go and I did – I really wish I’d have believed her as it would cut out all the emotion I had pent up – Believing is easier said than done, but I was definitely far too critical of myself.

Calm down and focus

If you can’t believe it then at least calm yourself down and focus on what really matters – achieving those grades. Now that your application has been sent off that’s it, nothing more you can do or say to the University (at this present time anyway) that will make much difference. What will make a difference? Achieving your grades, doing the best you can. Now is the time to push yourself and work hard for the next few months (don’t worry you’ll have the longest summer you’ll ever have after your exams are over)

Work/Life Balance

As well as studying it is so important to actually live these next few months. After all if you do end up moving away next year you need to spend time with those you’ll be leaving behind! Family and friends are certainly a welcome distraction; meet up with your friends for a meal, go for a cuppa with your Nan on a Saturday morning, spend family time with your siblings and parents! I cannot stress enough how this will make you feel better and take your mind off things. Also, it will make you realise that even if you do not get into University this year you will have great people around you to support you.

It would also be good to plan a good summer, it doesn’t even have to cost much as long as you have fun and have something to look forward to during exam season – all I wanted to do was watch back-to-back episodes of my favourite TV programmes. I also went to Download Festival and Leeds Festival with my best friend which was fab.

Talk about it
Following the theme of family and friends, it is important to talk to someone if you get to the point where you’re really really worried. I found it really hard to cope and ended up feeling anxious and depressed and changed the subject if anyone began asking me about University. I cannot stress enough how much I wish I got myself sorted before I took my final exams as I think this would have made such a difference. 

There is a lot more I can say about this but I tried to keep this short and sweet - please let me know if there's anything else I've missed and share your experiences and tips! 
Up and coming posts: What to take to University? Why go to University?: My first year experience.

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