Thursday, 13 June 2013

Affordable Retro Inspired Makeup: Lips

Please check out the other 2 posts Affordable Retro Inspired Makeup post for the Face and Eyes 

I think this one is a bit obvious - red lipstick! But I feel if you have the face and eyes right, you can still have a retro look with a different colour on the lips. I love wearing nude/peach colours on days where red is too much hassle. In the winter time I think a dark red lip looks really nice too.

Matte Lipsticks 
MAC have a wide range of Mattes and Rimmel have recently brought out a Matte range with Kate Moss 
Matte is probably a great choice if you're going for a genuine look and it lasts long too! It's very drying so a lot of vaseline is needed when you're not wearing makeup however I personally love how it looks. My favourite is MAC's Russian Red, I also love Lady Danger and for a dark/red/purple I also use Diva. 

I'm sure almost every brand that produce lipstick do some form of red, I believe it is a pretty timeless colour, so just have a look around! As I mentioned before you can always use a different colour, I love peachy pinks and oranges like MAC's Meltdown and Rimmel do great corals like Coral in Gold and Nude Pink 

Tips and tricks
Lip liner is great for lining the lips and also filling them in so the colour is bolder and the lipstick sticks more. 
Lipcote - I personally recommend as it keeps red lipsticks from smudging for the most part!
Powder - is great if you don't own Lipcote, add a layer of lipstick, blot, add a little powder, another layer of lipstick etc. 
Eating -  This sounds weird but I try and not wear red lipstick if I'm planning on going out for food or eating a lot, however if I just have a sandwich I will tear chunks off rather than take bites because it will smudge and you'll look like you've been drinking cherry-ade

Hope you enjoyed this "mini series"  if  you have any suggestions or tips please let me know in the comments! 


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