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Affordable Retro Inspired Makeup: Face

I fully believe that "retro" inspired makeup (I'm talking 1940s and 1950s here) is flattering on everyone, with any face shape as it is quite versatile, you can wear quite plain for a day to day look or add small elements to make it a lot more glamorous. You can go all out traditional or add a modern twist. I also love it because it is a pretty simple look to achieve (it must be, if I can do it) but I find it looks timeless, classic and polished enough to trick people into thinking you made a lot of effort. 

I wanted to do a series of  posts on how to achieve this look in an "affordable" way. I've included products that I use everyday and some that I've read reviews on that I think would go well with this look from my own experience. 

Today I'm focusing on the face, click read more for more! 

I find that the base of a 1940s/1950s look has to be pretty flawless so I would advise getting a medium to full coverage foundation unless you have really flawless skin (I am jealous if you do)

Max Factor Lasting Performance
  • Personal recomendation (from me..) - I used shade 100
  • Great coverage
  • Long lasting
  • Slightly more expensive
  • Max Factor is one of the early makeup brands of the 20th century

Revelon Photoready
  • Great reviews on this
  • Great, according to reviews, for photoshoots (photoready, duh!)
  • High coverage foundation often shows up weird in photos so this one 
  • The most expensive of the 3 I've chosen

Max Factor Pan Stik
  • Traditional, Max Factor again
  • Pan Stik was originally released in 1947 - so very appropriate for this look.
  • Feel like a hollywood actress when you use this because it was originally released to suit the lighting of the time (if you're lame, like me)

The ladies of the 1940s/1950s films, I find, were very heavily powdered, use a powder "pump" to feel extra glamorous!

Collection Pressed Powder
  • Tried and tested, review here
  • Affordable at only £1.99
  • Creates the retro "matt" finish

If you want a more traditional look I personally, would lightly contour and lightly highlight, however for a modern day twist you can adapt it anyway you like with more highlight or bright blusher.

NYC Colour Weel 
  • Tried and tested, I use Rose Glow
  • Use it for contouring or blusher, versatile
  • Around £2.99 mark so very affordable
  • Not too bronze, not too pink!
  • Matt, keeping with tradition

Collection 2000 Blush
  • Affordable
  • I don't believe this is matt but I guess it can be highligh/blusher in one!
  • Apply to apples of cheeks and then pull the brush slightly towards your temples for a rosey  glow

Bourjours Eyeshadow Highlight
  • Use shade 001 as an highlight for the face 
  • I've swatched these and they are divine!
  • Adds a modern twist to the look

Sleek Contour Kit
  • Great reviews
  • Bronzer/highlight in one compact kit!

Hope you enjoyed this, the next post will be on how to create affordable retro eyemakeup, a little more tricky than the face, but just as fun!


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  1. Very useful post girl! I wish we had Collection 2000 and Rimmel in Greece. Duh.


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