Friday, 28 December 2012

Boxing Day Sales 2012

So, as promised here is what I purchased in the sales, the day after boxing day. The items are mainly from Next although I'm hoping to go shopping in my actual town/high street soon (Next isn't on the high street in my city)

Animal Print Loafers £48 £14

These were one last remaining flat shoes left in the Next Sale and look how lovely they are! I am in love with all things quirky and these fit the bill.

Baby Doll Dress - £24 £10
 I've been looking for something like this for ages and now I've bought it I just want to wear it all the time - I would wear it as a normal dress if it wasn't cold and/or frowned upon! 

Knickers* - Next
I'm always on the look out for decent sized knickers - I can not be doing with skimpy knickers that leave nothing to the imagination, I like them big and beautiful.

Bra and Knicker set* - Next

I also got a 2 pack of non-padded bras (my new found love) and some matching knickers! 

Boots - Matalan - £22 £11

Lastly I went to Matalan, in search for a new dress for New Years eve, however there wasn't any suitable and I ended up coming out with these beautiful patent boots!

*all underwear was between £4-8 but I can't remember what was what!


Have you enjoyed the sales or would you rather stay clear?

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