Friday, 9 November 2012

Retro inspired winter outfit: Velvet and red

I'm going to my friends 18th tonight and I plan to wear this, if I can pluck up the courage to wear heels in front of my guy friends!

Leopard Print Heels - Office - £20 (on sale)
Russian Red Lipstick - MAC - £14
Wocka Wocka under Get Miss Piggy With It - OPI - prices vary
Velvet Dress - New Look - £6.00 (on sale)
Fur Coat - New Look - £49.99


  1. Awesome outfit, it would suit you perfectly :D

  2. Amazing blog :) I follow You now and I hope that you like my blog too! Have a great day ❤

    xx San

    1. aw thank you very much, I shall follow back :)

  3. I love the nail varnishes! Great outfit!

    I'm having a Christmas giveaway over on my blog if you'd like to have a look


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