Friday, 8 June 2012

What's in my (Download) Festival Bag?

Okay I thought I would do this post in blog form rather than in video form as I have been neglecting my blog the past few weeks.

 This is basically what I will be taking to Download Festival tomorrow. I am only going for one day, so don't see this as a guide if you're going to a festival for the whole weekend or something. This is also drawn from past experiences and what I feel I need, so do not take it literally.

Okay so the first thing is a bag. I would advise
1. something that has zips - you don't want to get pick pocketed or for your valuables to fall out
2. something that goes over your shoulder, is fairly big but lies flat - you don't want to be messing around with a handbag and there's nothing worse than getting stood behind or next to someone with a huge rucksack.
3. something that is fairly water resistant - I took a fabric/sports bag to Leeds Festival last year and everything was wet through.

Here is my bag, I bought it from Peacocks for £15, I don't particularly like it, but it looks sturdy and has zips.
Another thing that I will be taking is a waterproof. Again, last year at Leeds Festival it rained, constantly. I got through two hoodies and a water resistant coat. I was cold and wet all day. I can't express how important a waterproof is. Another thing that helps is those plastic "ponchos" they look simple but do keep you dry!

I bought my coat from Millits for £20 and you can pick up ponchos from most festivals.

Obviously hand-in-hand with a waterproof goes a hoodie or warm jacket of some sort.
  I bought this one from Primark (mens section) for £12.

Hand Sanitiser
Hand sanitiser! Seriously, the toilets at these places are appalling so sanitiser is the best way. I also bought some hand wipes. The hand wipes were around £1 from Superdrug and the Soap and Glory Hand Sanitiser is £2.50 from Boots.

Water.Bottled water is always important because you will get thirsty and festivals are always expensive. Even though if you get near to the front at most festivals/gigs they do give you glasses of water but I wouldn't trust it, so always bring your own.

Again bring food. A packed lunch or something, especially if you're just going for the day. Obviously if you're going for longer bring food that's going to last! Food is very very expensive at festivals and sometimes a bit dodgy!

Other extra things you might not need:
"First Aid" kit
 This is my "first aid" kit. Plasters in case of blisters. Travel sick tablets because I get travel sick but obviously if you don't get travel sick you don't need these. Paracetamol is self-explanatory.

Disposable Blanket!
Bin liner! This sounds so silly but if it's muddy and you want to sit down you just take your bin liner out and sit on it! You wont get your bottom muddy then and you can throw it away afterwards (which isn't good for the environment).

I always take a camera. However I always get paranoid about it being stolen/broken/lost. 

Bobbles. If it gets warm, because it will if you're in a crowd, you may need a bobble to tie your hair up. Also if your hair gets wet and goes frizzy you may want to tie it up!

Makeup etc. I will be taking minimal makeup, probably a lipstick and my foundation but seriously no one is bothered at these things when a good band is playing.

I could add more here but I don't feel that experienced enough to be telling you what's what. Obviously money helps, but just be careful that you don't lose it! I hope this helped somewhat, it helped me in packing my bag! If I've forgotten anything, please comment below, before tomorrow!


  1. cool post, enjoy download x



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