Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Local: Sessions Spa Beverly

The Sessions Spa, New Walk, Beverley, East Yorkshire, HU17 7AE.

Set in the beautiful grounds of an original court house in Beverly, Sessions Spa offers everything from holistic massages to the humble cut and blow dry. Whether you want to get your nails done with a group of friends or just spend a relaxing afternoon on your own, its the perfect place to be! A few local bloggers and I were lucky enough to be invited to enjoy their steam and relaxation facilities, as well as receive a 30 minute target massage and visit their salon.

Relaxation room @ Sessions Spa

Massage room @ Sessions Spa

Massage room @ Sessions Spa

I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive about getting my first massage (hello social anxiety!) - but the staff were so friendly and informative and I really had nothing to worry about. Well...apart from maybe how I must have looked in the disposable underwear that didn't leave much to the imagination! The target massage was a bit of a God-send - I (understandably) had a lot of knots in my back due to third year stress! The lady used an ESPA  oil, which not only nourishes your skin but also acts as aromatherapy, and I can safely say that my skin felt and smelt gorgeous afterwards. Overall, what was first a daunting experienced turned out to be amazing and something I'll be sure to try out again. 

Unfortunately I never got to sample their steam room as I was too busy making a new bloggy-friend (Natalie from NattFashion is such a lovely girl and is on the exact same wave-length as me). 

The salon @ Sessions Spa

Next stop was the salon which was the biggest salon I'd ever seen! Again, the hairdressers were really helpful - mine had the same name as me, which is always a bonus! I didn't have a restyle or anything fancy as I am trying to grow it long for my graduation. Nevertheless my hair looked amazing after she had finished with it - so shiny and smooth (how do they work such miracles by the way?).
The salon @ Sessions Spa

They were also kind enough to gift us some sample products from ESPA, Carita, Delilah and OPI


OPI, Delilah and ESPA (The fact I didn't include the moisturiser with the other ESPA products is annoying me!)
Although slightly out of my current price range, Sessions Spa is certainly worth the money if you want to be pampered in a gorgeous location by helpful and friendly staff. I don't know when but I will be certainly paying another visit - maybe for my graduation or 21st birthday! If you're in the area please be sure to check this fantastic Spa out - you can find their price lists on their website. Sessions are also on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram

Enjoy this photo of me in my cosy relaxation robe! 

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