Friday, 8 April 2016

Retro Inspired Harley Quinn Look feat. Urban Decay X Gwen

This week I posted a picture of my Harley Quinn inspired makeup and a few of you requested a blog post on it. "Why not?" I thought, I have 1000 words on Henry VIII to write and 4000 on factory reform before Wednesday... but this is definitely more fun anyway! 

Before all you hardcore DC fans get arsey with me, I'm not claiming this to be 100% accurate or anything. There are so many different ways you can interpret her character and this, I guess, is my way! I mainly drew from the most recent Margot Robbie rendition because I cannot contain my excitement for the new Suicide Squad film. I've also added my own 1950's twist... obv!  

The main essentials for this look are pale foundation, bright eyeshadow, liner and red lipstick - it really is that simple. I'm not going to include how I did my brows as they're not specific to this look but you can check that out here.

1. SKIN 

Originally Harley paints her face white to impress/match her beloved Mr J! In her new origin the Joker actually pushes her into a vat of acid (who said love is dead?) which bleaches her skin. Luckily I have quite a fair complexion so I just used my regular foundation - Max Factor Long Lasting in Ivory 100. You can make your face even more pale by using white powder or even face paint depending on the look you're going for - but for the love of God please don't use acid! 

Did you know that Harley wasn't even supposed to be a regular character? She didn't even start out in the comics, but instead made her debut on the animated series. Fans loved her though and writers began including her in the comics, giving her her own origin story! 


This is where my interpretation goes from 90s Harley to 2016 Harley. I really do love the blue and pink aspect of Robbie's look and the new Urban Decay x Gwen palette has the perfect shades. I used Harajuku (a bubble gum pink) on one eye and the more appropriately named Danger on the other. 

I used the Nanshy shadow brush and fluffy brush to blend out the colours however I spent my life constantly trying to outwit the B-man, I'd probably just use my fingers! I popped a little bit of black into the crease of the blue and a little bit of the blue into the pink crease to add a bit of definition! Robbie's look is definitely more messier than this but I wanted to keep it fairly neat to add the 50's twist.

To add more of a retro feel to the look I added some winged liner and mascara. If I was planning on going on a date with my puddin', then obviously I would have added some false lashes, but mascara works fine! 


Now, Mr J will definitely want to see your beautiful smile, so be sure to go crazy with the red lipstick. I kept it neat because of the vintage vibe I was going for. Again, the Gwen Stefani collection seems perfect for this look I used 714 - a bright matt red that suits this look down to a T. (Urban Decay did not sponsor me for this I just love their products!) 

I hope you enjoyed this little 'how-to' - I certainly loved creating this look and it made me feel about 15 again. Let me know if you'd like to see more! 

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