Wednesday, 16 March 2016

DIY Copper Storage Jars

The humble storage jar. A simple yet effective storage solution that has been loved for many years. However this once thrifty household hack has now become so popular that stores seem to be charging a fortune for them!

I've been revamping old Dolmio and Douwe Egberts jars for many years, using them to store jewelry, candles and cotton wool. With a bit of spray paint and maybe a ribbon or two, a cheap (or even free) jar can be transformed into cute addition to your home. 

7 Ways to Create a Vintage Inspired Bedroom

1. Aquire some cheap jars 

Jars can be bought very cheaply and you can also get them for free. You can easily save up your jars from coffee or sauces and a lot of charity shops sell them very cheaply. I use these sorts for jewellry and non-edibles, however this time I wanted to buy new as they are going to contain pasta and rice.

I found these glass jars fairly cheaply at Tescos, however was a bit disappointed they only came in this boring silver/grey colour. For the nicer jars, I would have to sacrifice another couple of pounds and, as a very thrifty student, that just wasn't an option for me. 

2. Spray paint is king.

All my DIYs usually involve spray paint; it's cheap, easy and quick! I bought this copper/gold spray a while back from Wilkos and have been dying to use it ever since - and thus this DIY was born. 

A top tip when buying spray paint: Check if the paint is suitable for the surface you wish to up-cycle and if you're planning on popping your finished project outside, make sure it's weatherproof!

3. Prep the area

Making sure the area your working in is covered is very important as spray paint can easily diffuse into the air and land somewhere you were not expecting! I would usually recommend using newspapers, outside, however it was 8pm at night when I did this and I don't buy newspapers! 

Here is a photo of some lids on Tesco bags - which is probably the most unattractive blog picture ever. 

PS: This post is not sponsored by Tesco and I also used a Sainsbury's bag. You've gotta get your money's worth nowadays. 

4. Spray away 

Basically then I just sprayed the lids making sure I got around the corners. I gave them a couple of coats just to be sure but they probably only needed one. Let them dry over night and voila....

I'm probably going to use mine for pasta and boring adult things, however I took some pretty photos of other storage ideas too. I think these would work lovely in a bathroom with soaps and cotton wool in. 

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