Monday, 1 February 2016

Quick how to: Winged eyeliner

The blogging world is saturated with eyeliner tutorials however after drawing flicks on my eye lids for over 6 years now you'll be shocked to know that I've never  shared my winged wisdom on this blog. Liquid eyeliner in my opinion is one of the easiest ways to look glam and add a vintage twist to any look, but it can be tricky when you first start out. Here are a few tips to get your wings on point: 


Can anyone remember those guidelines we used in primary school to write on plain paper neatly? This kind of works in the same way. I often skip this step but if you're unsure of where to draw your flick then use a angled eye shadow brush to mark it out. You want your flick to accentuate your eye; if it's any lower is will drag your eye down and any higher and it will drag it too far up. Try and connect it to your bottom lash line if that makes any sense!


Now it's time for the real thing. Trace over your marker with liquid eyeliner; be sure to keep the line sharp though. I'm using Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner in Black - it is literally the best one I've ever used and so cheap too.


Now you need to draw a thin line across your whole lid. Don't go too close to the inner corner of your eye though because the makeup will rub off into your tear duct which is not a good look and probably not great for your eyes either. Start off thin even if you want to go thicker.


Now for the tricky bit - building up the shape! I do this by joining up the flick with the rest of the line. Again, start of thin and progress to a thicker line if you want later on. I try and make it look like a natural 'swoosh' on my lid rather than a line has been drawn if that makes sense!


It's now time to finish it off with some mascara or maybe some false lashes if you want to look extra glam. 


I'm sure you've heard it all before but practice does make perfect (well almost perfect). I still struggle some mornings after over half a decade of doing this shit! Don't get bogged down if both eyes look slightly different; I used to get so annoyed but then realised that not many people look at both of your eyes at the same time for long enough to notice.

If you liked this quick how to tutorial then you'll love last weeks 'quick how to' post on how I do my eyebrows:

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