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Beginners Guide to False Eyelashes (+ Possible Tips For Regular Wearers!)

False eyelashes are one of those things that can look and feel absolutely great if you get it right but one can easily get it wrong. A lot of people have told me that they 'just can't wear them' but today I am here to tell you all that YES YOU CAN. Trust me, it just takes practice and perseverance... and a little read of this blogpost... 

The Buying Process Part I: 
The temptation when trying something new is to go for the cheapest option you can find. However with false eyelashes I truly believe spending that little bit more will go a long way! Don’t get me wrong, I'm not talking about spending £20-£30 on a pair but instead of chosing those God awful £1 Primark ones go for brands like Ardell or Eylure that will still only set you back £3-£6.

Tip number two is to go for a more natural lash rather than a bold, heavy lash to start off with. Try look for lashes with an 'invisible/clear band' as these are more mailable and pliable when sticking to your eyelid. 

Don't: Opt for cheap, heavy ‘party’ lashes – they will make your eyes itch and ward you off lashes for life.
Do: Opt for more natural looking lashes in the price range of £3-£6.

The Buying Process Part II: 
Now you have good lashes, you need good glue. I know that many lashes bought from high street stores come with a ‘free glue’ however I would still strongly advise you buy a separate tube of glue. I’m not quite sure why, but in my experience these ‘free tubes’ of adheisive never work as well (however they are great to keep in your handbag!). I use Ardell's Lash Adhesive and find it works wonders, stays on all day and can be applied to the lashes really easily. It's also relatively cheap at about £3. 

Don't: Opt for 'free with lashes' glue. It just doesn't work as well.
Do: Invest in a tube of glue that is reliable and will last longer.

The Application Part I:
Now you can start applying your lashes, I've included a few tips to help along the way…

1) Before you apply any glue match up the lash to your eye. Try and make sure that the lash is a few mm away from the corner of your eye - for comfort purposes. Cut down if need be, you want to cut from the outside though and cut off a little bit at a time because you don't want to end up cutting more off than you need. 

2) Apply a small amount of glue to the strip – a small amount goes a long way! Many people suggest waiting 30 seconds before you apply the lash, I never do because by applying the lash whilst the glue is still wet gives you a bit of leeway when adjusting the lash to your eyelid.

3) Sticking the lash on can be tricky but you just have to find what works for you. I use my fingers to initially place the lash on my eye and then, if need be, go in with the ‘non-tweezer’ end of my tweezers to make sure everything fits perfectly.

4) Wait a minute or so before the next step of applying liquid eyeliner over the lash-line. As you can see I have a black lash adheisive but out of habbit I still go over the lash-line with my liquid eyeliner as it just helps to cover up any shiny glue.

5) Many people prefer not to, but I like to go over my natural lashes and the false ones with a thin coat of mascara. As I have very fair natural lashes they often show up on the black false ones so I like to apply a coat of mascara to ‘tie everything together’

6) Once they’re on try to leave them be, don’t pick at them because they will start to peel off. If you fear that they may fall off during the day then just carry the glue around with you but if you follow my advice they shouldn’t come off. Try not to get them wet too! They will feel alien to you at first because obviously, sticking something to your eye isn’t natural! But I swear after a few times of applying and wearing them you’ll be in love!

Recommended retailers (tried and tested and loved by me!):
Ardell - personal favourite!
Eylure - for wearable, durable, affordable lashes that can be found on the high-street.
The Vintage Cosmetics Company - for lovely lashes in lovely packaging.
Stargazer - for affordable, alternative lashes
PAPERSELF - for stunning lashes that are almost too artistic to wear on your face!

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