Saturday, 28 December 2013

Two-thousand and Thirteen

Instead of doing a New Years Resolution post I thought I'd look back on what I did in 2013, with the help of Instagram :D

1. Dyed my hair orange
2. A- Levels: Exams, coursework, more exams + overall misery
3. Got my ears done and my nose done (and let them heal up grrr)
4. Stopped being a moody teenager and had great days out with the family
5. Visited Berlin 
6. Attended Download Festival with my bestie! 
7. My cousin recovered from his brain tumour (best news ever)
8. Got accepted into Hull Uni (even though I didn't achieve my grades grr)
9. Aquired my first VW piece! 
10. Turned 18
11. Learnt how to pin-curl (kind of)
12. Visited London with my Dad (managed to walk round on my own without panicking)
13. Got my provisional driving licence and became an organ donor
14. Anniversary/goodbye drinks with my parents
15. Goodbye drinks with my bestie 
16. Great uncle's wedding/saying goodbye to family
17. Arriving in Hull 
18 + 19. Met some amazing people and drank a lot
20. Learnt how to cook
21. Met the lovely Aaron 
22. Felt really Christmassy after coming home for Christmas


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