Sunday, 26 May 2013

Spring Primark Haul

With all the warm weather over the May Bank Holiday weekend I really wanted to go shopping and get myself some new Spring/Summer clothes. 

I wasn't planning on buying much from Primark - I am at the moment trying to stop my habit of buying a large quantity, and rather only buy quality that will last me. However I found a lot of stuff that was so "me" - So if you like my sort of thing, which from recent comments, a lot of you do, get down to Primark! 

I'll start with my favourite item I bought - I like buying things from Primark that is not "obvioulsy primark" I guess and I've recieved a lot of compliments when I've worn this. The quality is so much better than usual and I am just in love with the style and colour. I've worn this tucked in and also hanging "loose" and I think it suits me so well. I hope they bring out more colours!

Last year I lived in this type of "tie up" vests but the ones I own are a bit too cropped for my liking - these ones are just that bit longer so if you do have huge child-baring hips like me then it will sit nicely! I love the "candy stripe" look to these and they remind me of the seaside. 

I realised also that I only ever wear the SAME pair of highwaisted denim shorts during the summer, with tops like the ones above. So I spotted this skirt. I am hoping to get some more shorts before summer too because I practically live in them. 

These vest tops, again are so "me" (more polka dots and leopard print!)  and what a bargain for only £3.50. They suit me well and are not clingy at all - so cool for hot days (I'm being optimistic about British weather here). 

I'm just in search for some nice summery shoes now, that won't fall apart - I'm thinking cream or navy ones!


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